Dragons Den meets Team Tables

Dragons Den meets Team Tables

by Team Tables Ltd.

May 4th, 2016

TORONTO, ON – The month of April has brought about a few surprises for Team Tables and its owners including a visit to the set of Dragons Den.

Team Tables auditioned in front of the producers of CBC’s Dragons Den in early April and were notified on April 15th for successfully being chosen to film in front of the Dragons. The filming was set for Monday, May 2nd which did not leave much time for the team to create and practice their pitch and plan how best to explain their company strategy.

The lead up to the filming included a couple of talks with the producer as well as practice. Nicole, Kevin & Mike went through the opening pitch several times and were fortunate to have some friends and family critique the pitch and ask some of the tough questions they may be faced with in front of the Roaring Dragons!

Even with such preparation there was no way to prepare for being in front of the most exclusive group of entrepreneurs that Canada has to offer. The nerves and excitement were definitely within all of us.  The crew helped organize us and brought us to the top of the walkway.  Only silence was heard in the studio before the door opened and we took the notorious walk across the walkway and down those metal stairs. As soon as we hit the floor we made a turn to the Dragons’ seats and it was Game On!!!

There is no guarantee that our filming will make it to air and fans…you will have to wait (just like we do) to see if our tables and business make it to TV.

…so stay tuned to Season 11 of Dragons Den or follow us on Facebook for our latest updates.


7 thoughts on “Dragons Den meets Team Tables

    • Mike Brajak says:

      Thanks Darryl, and yes you got it. We are to keep things hush hush for now. Cheers!

  1. Mary Karanta says:

    Way to go you guys!! All of the best of luck to you all in the future of your TT company.

  2. Doria Askey says:

    Hey. You guys that’s awsome! I can confirm that team tables. Is a great product and deserves to be on Dragons Den. The response at my store is just fabulous! People are even now recognising it as a product they have bought already! Wow! Goood luck. On D D!!

  3. Alan says:

    Congratulations guys!! Looking forward to your episode. Do you know when it is yet? Cherrs Alan Zielonka.

    • Mike Brajak says:

      Hi Alan, we are not yet sure on the episode and hope we make it to air. All our fans will be kept posted once we find out the date. Cheers!

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